Polyester Fabric Textiles

Custom Fabric Printing Wholesale

With JVI’s custom fabric printing services, we can print any digital design into a wide variety of polyester fabrics for an even wider variety of uses.


Are you currently selling fabric and are looking for custom fabric printing supplier who can get you unique fabric prints in a matter of days not months?


You have come to the right place!  Just Vision It Can print polyester fabric up to 100 inches wide and as long as you need. We can even seam the fabric if you need a larger width.


JVI is a custom fabric printing wholesale company that can help you realize your imagination! Contact us today to learn more and start your custom digital printing experience!


Please note that due to our unique printing process, all our products are polyester. We do not print on natural fiber materials like cotton. We also do not carry fabric by the yard, but carry fabrics for our offered products.

Wide Format Printing on Textiles

Just Vision It’s large format continuous dye sublimation printing is ideal for turning your digital imagery into fabric for use in fashion.  We already make a variety of different fabrics for US fashion labels.


Polyester is such a versatile fabric with blends being near indistinguishable from cotton and silk, making it the ideal fabric for many fashion items. We have printed dye sublimation fabrics for high fashion, club wear, street wear, everyday wear, even underwear and swimwear. 


No longer are fashion designers limited by the fabrics color and designs they can source. They can now create their own and fabric creation is now as much a part of the new fashion industry as the design themselves.

Fabric Resellers and Etailers

Stand out from the crowd with unique prints that you’ve created yourself. With custom fabric printed from a dye sublimation printer, you’ll get vibrant colors and unparalleled detail.

Designers and Artists

Have you always dreamed of seeing your designs come to life on real fabric? We can make that dream come true with our custom, wholesale fabric printing services.

Furniture Makers

We have polyester fabric options for you as well, durable, soft and printed in the pattern and size you need for each project.

Custom Fabric for Apparel

Imagine having any pattern you want for your clothing line printed in a matter of days.  We can print intricate patterns in any color and shape you need on a variety of polyester fabrics.