Custom Printing.

At Just Vision It, custom is something we do weekly!

If you have a custom printing need that involves dye sublimation onto fabric we can likely do it!

Custom Dye Sublimation Printing - Wide Format to Your Own Blanks

We can print up to 100 inches wide and transfer even wider!  If you are looking for someone to print on your blanks and they are fabric based – we can get you an estimate and even drop ship them to your customers.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation is a method of dyeing a polyester fabric (or other synthetic fiber) by transferring ink from “transfer” paper into the substrate. The image is transferred by heating the printed transfer roll paper to 400 and transforming it into a gas, which then bonds to the fabric and embeds into the material. At this point, the dyes have infused into the fabric, rather than bonding to the top of the fabric like in other printing methods.

This modern method of custom printing is revolutionizing the home ware creation and manufacturing industry. High resolution large format printing has become far cheaper, resolutions and colors are now the best the world has ever seen and the materials used are extremely long lasting and colorfast. No plates are needed so small print runs can be done at extremely cheap rates.

Manufacturing, Logistics and Shipping.

Just Vision It can look after the printing process, as well as cut, sew, pack (with your labels and branding) and ship direct to your customers.

We are a US based, US owned and operated company. When you contact us? There is a good chance you’ll be talking with one of the owners.  We understand customer service. Deadlines must be stuck to. Print and manufacturing jobs need to be checked from top to bottom before being sent out.

Why Dye Sublimation Printing?

The quality of dye sublimation printing has improved substantially over the past few years. The image quality and vivacity of colors in modern dye sub is lightyears ahead of what it once was. In addition, it’s now considered a very sustainable, eco-friendly printing method. Due to the nature of dye sublimation printing, the process produces no dye waste, as we only use the exact amount that we need. In addition, we use no water, unlike screen printing, which relies on it for its printing process. All of this results in an incredibly sustainable, responsible printing method.

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