JVI prints standard and custom size wholesale backdrops from your supplied files with high resolution, crisp 8-Color printing (1st in the USA), in large sizes and without seams. The fabric is made of a durable soft knit fabric meant for backdrops with your design on the front while the back side is white.

Because of the advancement of our printers and the ink technologies that accompany it, the design on your backdrop can keep its vivid colors and remain in good quality for over 10 years, depending on the fabric chosen and the amount of use it gets.

Wholesale Photography Backdrops

The photography industry needs backdrops designs that are vibrant, wrinkle resistant, high-quality and easy to work with. Old seamless backdrops tore and didn’t last, vinyl backdrops had and ugly glare, canvas wrinkled. JVI backdrops are a perfect fit for most all photo studios: children’s photography, fine art, pre-school, senior portaits, weddings, sports and commercial photography.

We have a variety of polyester fabrics and finishing to choose from that come in standard sizes with custom printed solutions available at the best price in the market.

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Fabrics used for wholesale photography backdrops

100% EZ Polyester Stretch
100% Polyester Woven Photo Backdrop
100% Heavyweight Sweatshirt Knit
100% Micro Fiber Fabric
Photographer’s Backdrop
Durable Fleece Photographer’s Backdrop
100% Polyester Tablecloth Woven Backdrop
Polyteen Backdrop
Poly-Spandex Backdrop
Green Screen Backdrop
Celtic Backdrop


Finishing used for custom backdrops

With Pole Pocket
No Pole Pocket
Laser Cut
Hemmed Edges
For Pipe & Drape
Option-Grommets or Pole Pockets

Why Just Vision It?

We can handle the big Stuff – Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printing

We have the large format (100 inch) dye sublimation printing equipment that makes printing trade show banners a snap.  Less stitching, faster turnarounds, lower costs. You can trust us for your trade show display and show booth needs!

Expect Brilliance in Color

All our equipment is like brand new. We are 1 of only 4 G7 certified dye sublimation printers in the entire country!  Your reds will be brilliant and your blacks nice and deep – we take printing quality VERY serious!

Learn more about G7 Print Certification here.

We can ship anywhere you like with your branding/logos/packing displayed.

We can direct ship to you, the local printer or direct to your client in packaging displaying your branding.  We can even ship direct to the trade show.

We do everything in-house from start to finish

We are a complete service trade show printing and display solution provider.  Sure, we print.  But we also cut, sew, affix all necessary cleats/ropes/Velcro or other attaching devices and stock the trade show fixtures and fittings needed to display the printed materials.

We come in on time, every time.

We know how important deadlines are for these kind of jobs.  Trade shows have an immovable setup day as well as a start and end day so items must be done right, or the client is going to lose out big time.

Our in house process from go to “whoa” is managed by our process management team to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.  We finish our jobs on time.

We are an American company and we operate in the USA

Time and time again we’ve been told horror stories by new clients about their experiences outsourcing jobs overseas that include situations like poor quality printing, mistakes that can’t be rectified in time, missing fixtures and fittings or deadlines being missed.

If your supplier is overseas, it’s just not cost effective to do anything about a poor result.  They are too hard to chase and forget about getting fixes done if the deadline is close.

We are centrally located near the Kansas City Metro area in Missouri, so we can get your orders to you quickly and correct any issues that occur without it being too big of a hassle.

Just Vision It is Run By The Owners

When you call us to talk about a job?  Good chance you will be talking to one of the owners.

We stand by our commitment to you, and if something were to go wrong, know we are here with you, ready to solve any problem that we encounter.