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Dye Sublimation Stage Backdrops
Dye sublimation printing is ideal for creating stage backdrops as it is inherently brightly colored and yet glare resistant allowing for the creation of bright and realistic background imagery that doesn’t result in image degradation under bright light or an  uncomfortable experience for the audience with too much glare coming from the backdrop.

For theater backdrops we use sturdy and wrinkle resistant polyester fabric which will withstand the stresses of the necessarily fast paced changes between scenes. They can be folded away and then reused with virtually no wrinkling. Should the need arise our dye sublimated stage backdrops can be washed and even ironed without effecting the color unlike other printing methods. No need to be concerned with problems of scuffing, color degradation and fading after washing or under strong lights or cracking of the design when folded.

Why use a Dye Sublimation Theatre Backdrop

Because its sets a scene like nothing else can. In movies it often comes down to location scouting and then the framing of those locations by the director of photography. With TV shows, typically custom sets are built to simulate hospitals, homes, police stations and the like.

With theater it’s very different. Everything is performed in real time.  There is no second third and fourth take. There is no checking of the monitors during takes with adjustment of lighting, shot angles etc. between takes. Everything just has to be done right first time and the cast and crew have got to be prepared to roll with the punches and continue no matter what. “Break a leg” only applies to theatre actors not film or TV actors for exactly this reason.

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Theatre performances may or may not involve sets and usually budget and artistic direction will be the deciding factor here.  An increasingly popular way of setting the scene is to use a printed backdrop either by itself or even hung on the wall of an artificial room to save the time and cost of actually setting the room up for each performance. Different backdrops can be lowered between acts to indicate a change of location.

With Just Vision It large format dye sublimation printing you are able to create virtually any sized theatre backdrop.  We provide a complete service, not just a printing service so we print, sew, attach strengthening edging, reinforced eyelets etc as well is fitting any fittings required for the installation of your backdrop.

Product Details

  • We use a matte finished fabric which prevents glare and reflection from stage lighting and camera flashes.
  • Just vision It backdrop material is light and strong and can be folded into a small size.
  • The material is slightly elastic making it ideal for stretching across a frame.
  • Our large format printing can print 100 inches wide and two a virtually unlimited length. Wider than 100 inches and we provide a stitching/joining service.
  • In the event of damage through we can do an emergency reprint and send you a new backdrop in days.
  • Our dye sublimation theatre backdrops are washable, cleanable, foldable and wrinkle and crease resistant.
  • Our theatre backdrops are also well suited to many other similar uses. Such as school event backdrops, tradeshow backdrops, festival backdrops etc. We’ve even made some church backdrops.
  • It’s incredibly light and portable and packs down into a small space reducing your shipping and storage costs should you take your show on the road!
  • We hope that your theatre performance will have an extended season and tour the country from end to end during which time you can expect your just vision of dye sublimation theatre backdrop to last longer than many of your cast and crew. Our dye sublimation backdrops can last for years with minimal degradation with colours just as bright years down the track.
  • They are flame retardant, meeting state and federal requirements.