Tired of your basic colored bathmat? We have the answer for you in a custom sublimated bathmat. With unique features of a water-absorbent polyester face, memory foam insert, polyester mesh lining and a binding edge finish.


Material & Size Options:

23.5″ W x 14″ H

24″ W x 36″ H

17″ W x 24″ H

15″ W x 20″ H

36″ W x 48″ H

48″ W x 48″ H


Binding edge finish

Water absorbent polyester face

Memory foam insert

Polyester mesh lining


Common Applications:

Bathroom, kitchen, and hotel decor.


Common Industries:

Retail sale, gift shops, hotels, promotional businesses


Hair Salon Capes Wholesale Ordering Process:

1. Those with Wholesale Accounts:
    Login to your account they are available for purchase..

2. Commercial JVI Customers call for information:
     888-554-1153 OR 816-566-2011


Why Just Vision It:

Just Vision It is a recognized G7 Master Printer. A G7 professional’s printers are calibrated to a neutral target. JVI has
gone through a certification process to ensure we are printing at the highest standard available. Our sublimated
bathmats are made from the finest product available to us. Thank you for your interest in our bathmats products.

Email us at info@justvisionit.com or call us 816-566-2011

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