Operate A Dropship Etsy Store With Dye Sublimation Products

Operate A Dropship Etsy Store With Dye Sublimation Products

  • March 4, 2016
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Operate A Dropship Etsy Store With Dye Sublimation Products

The last 10 years has seen the birth, boom and near bust of the online custom printed products genre.  Once the darling of the “start your own business with nothing” bloggers the shine has waned somewhat on this once enthusiastically promoted business model.


CafePress, Zazzle And Others, A Tough Business Model For Designers
Websites such as Cafepress and Zazzle offer designers a platform for turning their designs into products.  Designers can submit a designs or image that are able to be printed on demand to a range of products including soft furnishings, T-shirts, bags and even hard items such as coffee mugs and furniture effectively the printing businesses were outsourcing their designs and then allowing their customers to choose which ones they wanted and with so many designers providing concepts they invariably had designs to appeal to even the most obscure tastes and measures.


This Model Has Not Worked Very Well For Most Designers, Why Not

  • The websites providing this constant design product creation service flooded with designers all competing for visibility and relevance. You may have great designs and images but they are often lost in these sites huge image inventories. The vast majority of designers sell next to nothing. There are just too many designers flooding these websites with designs.
  • Custom printing single items is expensive so the items themselves are expensive. It’s difficult to compete if there is a similar product that had been mass manufactured at a much lower price.
  • The customers are not the designer’s customers, they are the website’s(Cafepress/Zazzle) customer. The designer does not get to add their “customers” to a newsletter list or to direct market to them.
  • Designers receive only a tiny percentage of the sale price, far, far less than if they had manufactured the item themselves. This is partially offset by the low level of investment designers need to make. But what is the point in a low investment nil return business model?

Is There A Better Way

A way to operate an online store of your own range of custom products, keeping your overhead and risks low while still retaining a good chunk of the profits? A marketplace where you can still reach a huge audience and keep the buyers as your customers?


Yes, An Etsy Store Populated With Your Designs Manufactured By Just Vision It

Just Vision It is an expert in Etsy store product manufacturing and logistics. Our clients provide the designs, choose the item and we print, cut, sew, drop ship, and provide after delivery customer service where required. Item not received or some other problem? Expect us to jump into action on solve the problem. Our business success relies on your success.


Why Etsy

  • Your customers are your customers unlike on a custom created product site.
  • As the items are not sold as standard blanks with only the design changing it’s more difficult to compare pricing. Your products are seen as custom, boutique products not just design options.
  • You get to keep more of the profits.
  • Because Etsy says do it! As long as the design is yours, and you remain responsible for the overall customer experience you can offer your designs for sale on products you don’t personally manufacture or ship.

So are you a graphic designer or photographer looking to turn your images into products? Want a low risk, low investment on a web business where you get to keep more of the profits and ownership of your client base? Sounds like you’d be a good fit for an Etsy shop retailing Dye Sublimation products printed and created by Just Vision It!

Contact Just Vision It today and let us make it happen for you.

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