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Dye Sublimation Promotional Flag Printing – Wholesale Custom Flags

Just Vision It provides a wholesale dye sublimation flag printing service (wholesale custom flags) to local printers. Wholesale custom flags are popular both indoors at trade shows, show rooms and expos as well as outdoors at shopping centers, car lots, real estate agencies and malls. Almost anywhere you can imagine.

JVI Custom Wholesale Flags

JVI is the best choice when it comes to custom wholesale flags production orders! Do you need more information regarding material, quantity or your quote? Feel free to contact our support team!

Wholesale Dye Sublimation Flag Printing

Our clients are local printers seeking to outsource their large format dye sublimation printing to a specialist. We provide a one stop shop for wholesale custom flag printing. We print, sew, add all relevant eyelets, cleats, hooks etc and can even provide flag stands suitable for indoor(trade show/show room) and outdoor use. Dye Sub bulk flags are quickly taking over in a domain once ruled by ink jet printing.

The Best Process For Promotional Custom Flag Displays

Making even relatively simple items such as pillows and duvet covers is a process. Material most often needs to be first printed then sewn as printing on blanks ensure a poor result as seams are left without color. The designer had to not only design, they had to print, cut, sew, quality check and more.

The designer/artist becomes the manufacturer or at the very least, the project manager of those who undertaking these tasks.  What designer wants to do that? Where is the time to create new designs?

Dye Sublimation Flags Are Made At A Much Higher Resolution

Ink jet printing squirts dye onto the flag material that “glues” itself to the custom flags wholesale material. Dye Sublimation inks bond to the flag material itself via a chemical reaction from the heat/pressure used in the printing process. The dye sublimation ink will not wash out making it perfect for outdoor use, packing away and use at different venues.

Dye Sublimation Flags Are Non Reflective

Ink jet printing flags tend to be more reflective, especially under bright lights or sunlight, whereas dye sublimation flags will be brightly colored without having a reflective glare.

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So How Does It All Work?

Choose Your Flag Size And Fixtures and Fittings

We offer a large range of flag materials, shapes, sizes and associated fixtures and fittings for both indoor and outdoor flags.  Need help? Chat with one of our team members who can help you choose the flag combination best suited to your needs

Art Work Approval

We receive your artwork in the correct format. We need artwork for both the front and the back of your flag as each is printed separately. Prior to printing we create an image of the finished flag for your approval.


On approval of the design we print your flags and our cutting and sewing team assembles the flag to your required dimensions, sew the front and back of the flag together and add the required header, eyelets, grommets or pole sleeves depending on your flag and display type.

Packaging and Delivery

We offer several delivery options. Back to the local printer, or direct to your client, express shipping or post. If direct shipping to your client is needed we offer a drop shop service where your branding appears on all packing. If you wish to take advantage of this we require finished artwork for labels prior to shipping.

Our Service Guarantee

We understand many of your clients will book their promotional flags without much lead in time for their event. That means we need to get it right first time, every time. We pride ourselves on having a thorough start to finish checking process that ensures that your dye sublimation flags arrive as expected and on time.

All printing and sewing is checked and double checked, all fixtures and fittings are checked and double checked so you can be sure that your client’s flags will arrive ready to go. Everything in place, just unpack and install the flags.

In the event something does go wrong expect your client’s emergency to be our emergency as well. We pull out all stops to ensure any items are reprinted, and fixtures and fittings are resent as quickly as possible.